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Living in an semi-arid climate doesn’t mean we have to give up beautiful gardens to compensate for nominal rainfall.  As of March 31, 2008, Utah has received approximately  9.60” of precipitation since October 2007 through March 31 2008, about 1.6” of precipitation per month.  December was our heaviest month for precipitation at 3.35” (Source:  Salt Lake City International Airport Weather Station, NOAA report)

New technologies in residential and business irrigation products have helped us to regulate water usage with some simple programming and automation.

Magna Water District is committed to providing its 9,500 water users with the tools necessary to conserve water—and save money—through links to conservation resources, improvements in the District’s infrastructure, innovative technologies in water treatment and production, and our Comprehensive Water Conservation Program.

In 1998, the Utah State Legislature approved the Water Conservation Plan Act which was passed and revised in the 1999 legislative session. Driving this initiative was the response to rapid growth, suburbanization and planning for the future cost of and availability of water to consumers.

The purpose of this Water Conservation Plan is to provide information to Magna Water District’s water users and educators, to fulfill the provisions of this Act, and to be included in the District’s Master Planning.
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