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What is Water-wise landscaping?

Water-wise landscaping is simply a set of landscaping principles that encourages responsible plant selection, landscape design and maintenance where you match moisture levels with plan needs for irrigation. Waterwise plants are those plants that use little water, require watering once or twice a week, do well during times of drought, and still produce beauty. 

Desert Sand Verbena
The principles to follow are:
  • Analyze Your Soil.
  • Plan It Before You Plant It.
  • Use Appropriate Plants.
  • Use Grass Wisely.
  • Water Wisely. Mulch.
  • Maintain.

What is Xeriscaping?

Xeriscaping is a landscaping term used to describe water conserving or drought resistant plants.  Taken from the Greek xeros meaning dry, is literally translated to mean "dry landscape".  The Associated Landscape Contractors of Colorado first used this term to demonstrate water-efficient or water wise landscaping. When people think of xeriscaping, visions of cacti and rock beds dull their enthusiasm.  In fact, some of the landscaping in Utah and other western and southwestern states are lush with color and greenery.  

Example of Xeriscaping Courtesy of David Rowan, Magna.  

 Waterwise plants including mums, alyssum, and flowering moss.  

Send Us Your Photos!

Do you have a unique garden or landscape that incorporates principles of xeriscaping?  If so, send the digital photos (.jpg or .jpeg) with your name, location (if outside of Magna) and type of waterwise plants you use to  Submissions will be showcased on our website.  

Use of greenery in creating curb appeal.

Water features are very popular design elements.

   Creative landscape design for a side yard.
Photos courtesy of Xeriscape Design, L.C., Salt Lake City

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