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Voluntary Leak Check Program
Identifying leaks in your home or business saves water customers hundreds, even thousands of dollars each year.  Proper maintenance of pipe fittings, gaskets, and routine checks of pipelines could mean the difference between replacing a whole system or replacing worn parts.
The Utah Water Forum suggests these steps in saving water customers time, money, and demonstrating environmental responsibility.
Do you have a leak?
If you suspect a leak, ie your water bill is higher than usual, contact the Magna Water District to schedule an inspection of your meter at 250.2118.
Finding the leak
Visually inspect your faucets and showerheads and outdoor hose hookups to your spiquets.  Identify if you have worn washers.  A slow drip can waste as much as 5,000 gallons of water per month.  A steady stream of leaking water can waste up to 21,000 gallons per month!  To repair a leak, turn off the water supply line, remove the washer and screen, (you may have to replace the screen in the head of the faucet as well), allow the water to run a few minutes, then install a new washer and screen.  Run the water to ensure a tight seal.
Running Toilet

Drawing courtesy of
Hunter Plumbing Products,
San Marcos, CA

If water is running into the toilet bowl or if you hear water running continually, most likely, your toilet is leaking. To be sure, you can put a few drops of food coloring in the tank and see if it seeps into the toilet bowl. If it does, replace the flapper valve and/or rubber gasket at the bottom of the tank. Most leaks occur at the overflow pipe or at the plunger ball. Remove the tank lid and flush.  The water level should rise up to about a half inch or so below the overflow pipe.

Diagram courtesy of

Outdoor Leaks
An underground leak may not be apparent on the surface.  Look for areas of lush green grass, unexpected vegetation, or dark spots in your lawn resulting from fungus growth. Ensure that outside taps are turned off tightly every time 

you shut off the water. A hose that is mistakenly left running can waste thousands of gallons of water over the course of a summer.


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